Real estate as an investment

Real estate is traditionally considered a defensive asset class.

Estea has extensive experience as a player in the real estate and financial markets, bringing knowledge, experience, and execution power. The real estate market consists of several sectors with distinctive characteristics and features, all with different conditions depending on the timing. Through active management, we aim to achieve optimal exposure, whether it involves sector rotations or market trends, which is why our offering varies over time.

How to invest

Estea conducts ongoing capital raisings where you, as an investor, can participate.

Estea offers real estate investments suitable for both private and institutional investors. Investors in our funds achieve an exposure very similar to direct ownership of properties.

We have ongoing offerings to the market, both through capital raisings in existing funds and the establishment of new funds based on specific strategies and themes. We regularly publish information about our offerings on our website and through our partners.

Estea continuously identifies and evaluates investment opportunities, providing periodic opportunities to participate in capital raisings.

Our public capital raisings are announced publicly and on our website, where you can find information, terms and conditions, and all documents needed to make investment decisions.

Estea has both listed and unlisted funds. Regarding listed funds, it offers several advantages to investors. The listed fund shares can be traded through your bank under normal market conditions, and to ensure liquidity, the underlying security has a market maker that provides daily bid and ask prices. As they are listed, the shares can be held in all common depots, such as stock and fund depots, pension depots, and investment savings accounts (ISK).

For further information, please contact:

Per Torpare

Head of Fundraising and Business Development

Phone : 0709-22 10 88