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Esteas owns, manages and develops commercial properties in alternative investment funds. Our funds make it simple to gain an exposure very close to direct property ownership.

Estea arranges real estate investments for private investors as well as foundations, companies and institutions. Since early 2002, Estea has arranged thematic real estate funds, all with a focus on prevailing market conditions.

All real estate investments carried out and managed by Estea AB are arranged in separate Swedish limited companies, so-called alternative investment funds. An alternative investment fund has a freer investment mandate than funds regulated by the UCITS regulations, enabling direct ownership of properties. The return to investors comes partly from current coupon payments and partly from aggregate earnings in the funds that have been realized.

Estea offers real estate funds that can either be traded directly via banks and online brokers or unlisted, where investors are invited to participate in public offerings. When Estea has a current investment offer aimed at the general public, it is presented on our website. Issues usually take place via a public offer or through targeted offers.

For more information, please call us on +46 8 679 05 00.